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Latest version: 2.5.0


It is not a game and, it certainly should not be used as a "weapon" against the human personality!

The program supports only the Greek language at the moment.
About the "Color Test"

“Color Test” is the fast application of the Luscher test, in order to determine your personality through colors.

Despite its easy and fast application, "Fast Luscher Test" is a valid psychological test made to be used by psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and by all those professionally occupied with the examination of conscious and unconscious actions and with the assessment of human
Download the "Color Test"

In order to download the "Color Test" please follow this link.

It is easy to operate the “Color Test” on your pc, as the program runs without installation, on any computer with Windows 98/NT/Μe/2000/XP/Vista/7 or newer versions of operating systems.
"Color Test"

Discover your personality, through color selection...